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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find the site helpful and informative. We have tried to limit rhetoric and be extensive on pictures. Many of our customers express that they receive a good perception in selecting a potential contractor by viewing an assortment of previous project photos. Pictures tend to authenticate a Contractor's claim of knowledge, experience and the ability to execute a quality outcome for the project's Owners.

While viewing the slideshows; you will likely see certain photos that pertain to a future project that you (and your group) may be contemplating. Some of these project photos may arouse your curiosity of what the project's scope of work involved. If so; contact us for answers to any questions or to discuss other important issues.

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Janssen Waterproofing, Inc. is an expanding company that preserves and renovates masonry structures. Our product knowledge,years of experience; as well as perseverance; assist us in successfully completing difficult jobs. You can rely on our expertise

Reliable and Experienced

Analyzing and recommending needed renovations are an intricate part of what we do. An ill-advised remedy can be a momentary fix, but most likely will prove to be an expensive short-term solution that can also evolve into a hazardous situation (structural decay, falling brick, etc...). Janssen Waterproofing, Inc. takes extra precautions to make sure a job is done RIGHT! We believe that we offer one of the best and most extended material and workmanship warranties in our construction trade.

The staff and personnel of Janssen Waterproofing, Inc. realize the necessity of earning your CONFIDENCE AND RESPECT. We achieve this by direct communication and answering your questions in polite and simple layman's terms. We are proud of what we do and our ability to work with people finding the best solution for your particular project.